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It all started a few years back, when the lead designer became a young mother. She was keen to decorate the nursery with minimalist and natural design items. Having trouble finding what she was looking for, she decided to design the items herself.

Over the years, Ooh Noo has become a brand that is present globally, bringing joy to children and their parents for years to come. Yet, not a lot has changed design-wise: in essence, they still design for their own children and it truly delights them to see so many families enjoy the results.

They have come a long way since then, but the main idea remains the same. Ooh Noo is all about natural, ethically sourced materials, designed to last a long time and provide natural and imaginative play. All the items are first tested and used by their families – only the toys and bedding that can survive this ultimate test ever make it into the collection.


The entire ooh noo collection is designed and produced by hand in the European Union. They are a small group of designers and producers, who started the brand from scratch and still look after the quality and the beauty of the products as if they were made for their own families.

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