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It all started with wallpaper, or rather, a lack of it… In 2005, having had just moved into a home in her native Copenhagen with her husband, Trine the founder of Ferm LIVING could not find what she was looking for, so she created it. Starting with just ten wallpaper designs, she applied to exhibit at a trade fair in Denmark and from there, ferm LIVING was born. 

Today, Ferm LIVING is internationally regarded as a front runner in sustainable, premium design and their products can be found in magazines, instagram stories and homes across the globe. From their base in Copenhagen, they work extensively with artisans from around the world, fusing their Scandinavian mindset with global skills and traditions to create furniture, soft furnishings, outdoor living and kids products to make your space feel like home. 


With an aspiration to inspire people to live a more mindful and sustainable lifestyle, it is Ferm Living's ambition to grow the percentage of sustainable materials across all product categories with every new collection.


They do so by integrating sustainable thinking already in the design phase, where the first important choices for a product are made. Wherever possible, they will employ sustainable criteria for new products, and take a ‘cradle to grave’ approach, where there is consideration of the product’s entire lifecycle.

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