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The design of 101 Copenhagen is firmly rooted in the Scandinavian soil and nourished by Japanese minimalist aesthetics. Sharing an emphasis on quality materials, techniques and traditions, the meeting between the North and the East is notable in the holistic collections of 101 Copenhagen. The design approach is dynamic and characterised by freedom of expression - creating unique and timeless pieces without compromising on playfulness and individuality. 

An attention to detail and a shared sense of aesthetics is what drives the two main designers of 101 Copenhagen, Tommy Hyldahl and Kristian Sofus Hansen. Merging their backgrounds and experiences from the fashion industry, the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and travels in Japan respectively, a narrative of minimalist, sculptural and conceptual design is evident throughout the collections.


Translating and transforming the simplistic inspiration from Japan in a Scandinavian context is all about honouring quality, heritage and materiality while never seizing to compromise on form and function. Trained as an architect, the third designer, Nicolaj Nøddesbo, adds knowledge on innovative light solutions and timeless novelties to the 101 Copenhagen collections. 101 Copenhagen is a curated selection of tactile, bold objects standing out in a crowd and gathers as a whole.      


101 Copenhagen's timeless and classic furniture, lights and ceramics are designed to stand the test of time and maintain their appeal over many years. They are inspired by traditional styles and materials, but with a modern twist to make them suitable for contemporary homes.


Immerse yourself in the serenity of a Japanese Zen Garden and the elegance of minimalist design. Elevate your space with 101 Copenhagen’s exceptional collection and embrace the art of living.

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