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Fatboy's story began in 2002 with an oversized beanbag and Fatboy slim playing in the background... It soon became clear that people enjoyed the unexpected and wanted to fill their homes with fun and functional pieces. With that, Fatboy was launched with people sitting and hanging out on their products and relishing the experience with great joy and wide smiles.

With a no-nonsense Dutch approach and an international team, Fatboy takes great pride in transforming homes, gardens, offices and parties into happier places. With furniture, lamps, home accessories, garden furniture - and of course the trusty classic: the beanbag.

Lean back and enjoy the Fatboy party!


Fatboy's products want only one thing: to grow old with you. That's why they have choosen strong, durable materials. Materials that are water-resistant and don't fade. Preferably recycled, or with a low environmental impact. Products on which you can plop down, chill out and not worry about spills.


They are sure to choose their manufacturers carefully and follow the strictest safety, health and environmental standards. This way, its a guarantee that every Fatboy product is produced in the right way - doing their bit for a healthier (and happier!) planet.

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