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As with so many other great stories, Crushgrind starts with a guy and a good idea.

In 1987, having been at the helm of IKEA in Denmark during its early successful years, Ken Muff Lassen set out to start his own company in the hope that he would one day have an idea for a little “thing” that could be sold in millions. By coincidence, having searched for more than two years, he came across a ceramic mill – ceramic being an unusual choice of material at the time.


Being a food connoisseur, his curiosity was awakened when he found that not only was the mill on par with the best pepper mills on the market– it also ground salt and spices flawlessly with no wear and tear to the grinding mechanism, which no other mill was able to do. Consequently, Ken boldly decided that he would develop a ceramic grinding mechanism that could hold its own against the very best grinders on the market.

Having a great product and brimming with enthusiasm, all Ken now needed was a way in, which is when he decided to reach out to a well-known international manufacturer of high-end household products. This proved to be a game changer, when after exhaustive testing, Tupperware selected CrushGrind® to be their grinder mechanism of choice, followed by the well-known brand WMF.


The CrushGrind® mechanism changed the grinder business and consequently, CrushGrind® can be found in more than 50 million mills all over the world. Today, the second generation is at the helm and Ken has retired - although he still visits often, participating in development. The same passion for high quality products that motivated Ken many years ago still drives us to this day.

Modern Mortar

Based on the principles of the old mortar, CrushGrind® was developed to be more than just a pepper mill, —established to create a better grinder than what was currently available on the market. Through will, passion and a bit of nerdiness they invented the original ceramic mechanism—a revolution of traditional pepper mills enabling consumers to grind not only pepper, but also salt and all sorts of dried herbs and spices.

This invention made releasing the essential oils and full aromas from spices possible. With their 1994 mill, they offered a new and better way to adjust the grinder and an easier way to fill the spices. Their mindset is characterised by their authentic story and eagerness to create better kitchen tools. Crushgrind aims to inspire their consumers and give them the best gastronomic experience—because they believe that everybody deserves one.

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